Monday, February 17, 2014

Hopeless… Felis Patlan

There are so many reasons that God has us here and everyday we are reminded.  

What brought us here first off?  

Orphan Care...Sports Tournaments…Short Term Mission Teams…

What we didn't prepare for was all the little details in between….

Let me touch on Orphan Care!

When you think of orphan care…what comes to mind?

For me…it was feeding them, clothing them, holding them and loving them.

What it really is…is SO MUCH MORE!!!

Each child has a different need….

Some might be more touch, some might need to hear the words "I love you", some might need medical care, some might need psychological therapy, some might be malnourished, some might need dental care….some might need ALL the above. 

Our job is to listen and observe each of the kids and 
find out what their needs are.

Let me introduce you to Macario…

Macario has been with us for about a month. When we received him, we thought he was about 2 years old.  About a week after we got him, I received an email from a missionary, Sally in Quiché, where he came from.  She told me that Macario was 4 years old…and that he had been in the hospital for 6 months and was not believed to live very long.  When he was brought to the hospital he was 3 1/2 years old and only weighed 7 lbs!!!  YES I said 3 1/2 YEARS old…I didn't believe it at first either, I thought it was a typo. 
His mother passed away and his father and alcoholic and didn't care for him.

With several people in the church family…this little boy when from being hopeless to having HOPE for a FUTURE!  

3 1/2 years old….HOPELESS and HURTING!

4 years old and full of HOPE! 

This is where YOU all come in.  

We can't be here without your help.  

Each of us has something we can offer….some might be hands on (like us), some might have resources to offer us (counseling, education on nutrition, therapy), some might be our prayer warriors and some might be the ones that help us financially.  Whatever your part is…we are commanded to come together and help one another.  

Ephesians 4:11-16

Part of the church body is here this week…performing surgeries for patients that can't afford to have them done.  Because here in Guatemala, if your condition is not life threatening…then the surgery can't be done in the general hospital…it must be done in the private hospital where they will charge the patient.  

Tomorrow Nahum (our 14 year old boy) is headed into surgery.  He was born with webbed hands and feet.  Tomorrow he will be having 2 of his fingers separated on his right hand.  

He is very nervous about this but excited at the same time.  

One thing he asked me to do is to video him coming out of anesthesia…HAHA!  (Typical 14 year old boy)

So tomorrow morning at 5:30am, Pedro will be taking him to the hospital to have his surgery done.  Please be in prayer for him and his recovery.  This is just the start for him.  If he chooses to do so, we will continue to find surgeons to help him with his other hand and his feet.  It will be amazing for him to learn to be able to use all 5 fingers.  

This is just an example how the church family can come together. 
Some are the hands to do the surgery.
Some are the prayer warriors during and after the surgery. 
Some are the feet that take him to the surgery. 
Some are the donors of the medicine, anesthesia and equipment. 

What part of the church family are you going to be?

If you want to help us continue to be here in Guatemala and care for our 50 kids and their community….

We are in need of a few more supporters to start off 2014. 


Friday, April 19, 2013

Only with God....

Almost 3 years ago...when we (Pedro and Felis Patlan) first moved here we had 11 kids in the home and I thought that was a lot of kids and I struggled to learn their names, tell them apart and forget remembering their stories...

I was in the home today and was trying to figure out a space dilemma and was counting the babies...(the ones that don't go to school) and we have 12 of them, I was thinking wow...that's a lot of babies...

Then it hit me....that we now have 50 children in the home and that only 12 of them were babies.
And I thought 11 was hard to handle....

Our children's home has grown so much in the last 3 years and we are proud to say that we know ALL of their names and their stories...most of them heartbreaking but we are now at MAXIMUM capacity.
We cannot take in anymore children, unless some of our kids are returned to their families or transferred to other orphanages. 

We are amazed how God continues to provide for the kids and for the daily needs and utilities of Eagle's Nest.  We couldn't imagine keeping the doors open 3 years ago with 12 kids and adoptions being shut down...and now adoptions are stillshut down and we are providing for 50 children!
How is this possible???


We can't do this alone.
Our God is faithful to provide all our needs and
 it's our responsibility to share the stories and the need....

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; 
knock and the door will be opened to you."
 Matthew 7:7

It may sound like we are always asking for money....
and sharing our needs but if we don't share....
then no one will know our needs and we won't be able to
provide for the 50 kids we have plus the
40 workers at Eagle's Nest and our family as well.

So here we are...sharing the need again.

Please consider getting involved with our ministry.

There are so many ways you can help





And the last way you can to SHARE our ministry
and our needs with your friends, families, coworkers and churches.

*** If you can't give financially...get creative and maybe host a garage sale, bake sale,  jog-a-thon, candle party...
there are so many fun ways that you can help that won't cost you anything but your time.  

Friday, February 15, 2013

Buy a Book

Our school at Eagle's Nest has been a great ministry....
but with a great ministry comes some stresses and most of that is financial.

In our school of 160 student, we have 34 children that don't have parents to help pay for the tuition.  We still have to come up with the costs so that we can pay our teachers.  Right now we only have 10 of our kids in the school sponsored and paid for...which means we have another 24 to find the funds for. 

So my Mom (Claire Boggs) and I put our heads together and decided to break it down to be more affordable for those that would like to help but can't afford the full amount.

to raise the remaining funds 
that have not been covered already! 

Thank you to Heather, Daniel & Amber, Barbara, Brad & Ana, Casey and Stephanie, Adrianna, Lemmongrass Salon, George and Deena,  and Dan and Julie for the funds that you have given to sponsor our kids at Eagle's nest. 

To break it down...we need 440 books purchased (not literally but figuratively).  
At $25 per book on the bookshelf "picture", we will have raised the needed funds to have every child.

When you purchase a book or multiple books...we will add your name to the book shelf and color in the book.  So that by the end of the campaign we will have all the books filled in.  

Here is where we need YOU! 

Will you commit to buying ONE book and then challenge ONE friend to do the same?  

So we ask you to SHARE SHARE SHARE this and help us get the word out.

Our goal is to have the funds by March 31st!  

Help us REACH that GOAL!  
NOTE: There will be multiple bookshelves as this bookshelf doesn't have space for 440 books.  :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

December and the Christmas Holiday Season.  We all would not trade it for anything, but this season was a whirl wind.  Two days before Felis and Pedro came back from the USA, our church  had Vacation Bible School.  100+ children each afternoon.  
We were so thankful for our helpers. 
We had a team come from Pittsburg University to minister to Eagle's Nest.  11 amazing ladies.  They brought their talents and ideas crafts and gifts for a Christmas party.  We all were blessed.  Then Felis and Pedro were a day late coming home.  We are glad they made it.  We all missed them very much.
University Pittsburg, with Talia and Asia as their leaders.
This was their party. 

VBS Paper change for the
Christmas tree celebrating Jesus' Birthday. 

Our 47th Anniversary. Dinner in Pana. 

On the 20th Larry and I took time out to celebrate our wedding anniversary  of 47 yrs. We went to dinner down at the lake.

Amy loving on Angel.  They came to bring joy to the orphanage as their
Christmas gift to each others.  What a blessing they were to us. 
Jace spending quality time with Jose Pablo. 
Friday night we had our party for an Eagle's Nest gift exchange party.  With our visitors, Amy and Jace from Oregon, plus the Team with Talia and friends, our workers and children we had 85 people for a party.  We had long table down the hall of the home tables full of food and traditional red grapes we all had lots of laughs and enjoyed the celebration of Christmas.  We did not forget that Christ is the reason for the season.

Pable family visit and their party. 
The next day, two adoptive families stopped by while visiting Guatemala.  Shultz family and Pable family. They also brought Christmas gifts for all. Another party
Shultz family.

When VBS was over, the plan was for a program on Sunday the 23. It was called a Talent show where the Church people showed their talents our Christmas tribute. Paches (traditional tamales for celebrations) were served for 120 people.  Left overs were given to the home.  They had paches for breakfast and lunch and Christmas day, a surprise visit from a former gardener brought more paches.

Dorian and the kids helped decorate the  Tree. 

Monday we all worked to make sure all the children had a bag of gifts, including clothes, new undies, socks and a few toys.  Wow, 40 kids to come out even.  Only mothers know that dilemma,
but we did it. Our volunteers helped and we were all glad when it was worked out.

Annika and the Big girls sang. 
Adrianna's little class sang. 
After fire crackers at midnight the bags were brought to the Christmas tree to be ready for the morning.
A young couple Evan and Britney from Pana brought two new bikes for the little children.  Those were place under the tree.  Excitement was a buzz in the morning as the kids waited and waited and waited for 10:00 am when they could open. 

The big boys were very sad, when given their bags.  The bags were smaller and fewer items.  We couldn't help but watch them.  Then Felis announce their names to go outdoor.  Then we watched as the boys saw their new 24" shinny bikes.

Those smiles were priceless.  Eliseo, Nahum, Ever, Juan Carlos and Jose Luis all got new bikes.  They were so excited.

The medium boys got a bike to share and the big girls are sharing.  The couple of old bikes were fixed so Christmas day they were all worn out by riding bikes.  Happiness all around.  Larry and I even had our turn.

The complete Christmas season, we reminded the children that we were thankful that Jesus came to earth to provide life for us.  They are thankful and so are we.  This could not have been possible with out our sponsors.

God Bless Everyone, and Happy New Year......Claire and Eagle's Nest Staff.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

November activities

November started with Larry and I going from Grandparents to Parents for our 3 kids here at Nido while Felis and Pedro made a trip to the USA for fund raising and reporting.

Adrianna, Dorian and Annika.  They are big helps and have done well going to school each day in Pana. They are each learning to cook a meal a week.   Mom and Dad will be home soon.  Skype has been wonderful.

We had a big Birthday party for 5 kids. Cake, candy and presents.


Our volunteers Kinsey and Carly Bykerk have worked hard keeping our kids with activities.  Sports with Dennis the PE teacher, and games and movies and English classes.  Thank you girls for your dedication.   It is hard to keep 40 kids busy during the summer vacation.  It has been good with some down time as well, the kids just get to do what they like part of the day.  Video games, TV, outdoors hikes and play ground play and some indoor.  We have had no rain.

We also had Thanksgiving with friends and family.

Two Hospital visits. Ever broke his color bone crashing on a bike.  Maria had a hangnail that got out of hand.  The hospital didn't do anything, but Mama Clarita cured it.

Then we added to our group with a tiny little baby left in the street.  She is Linda Valarie, We will call her Valarie (English pronunciation)  She is one month old and healthy, after she was found she was taken to the hospital, where she had good care.  1 month old and about 8 lbs.

Today was Spring/Winter Cleaning, everyone pitched in to help.

Christmas is coming soon with all the activities, celebrations, and Vacation Bible School, Christmas Eve talent show.  I'm tired already.

The big kids and our church kids 21 of them went to 3 day youth camp.  It was really good for all involved.  Jerry Kinman hosted the camp with a guest speaker from Mexico.

Thanks so much for your continued support of the home and our children.  They are cared for and happy and well fed thanks to you and your love for the orphans.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Benjamin's Outing.

The court has decided to give Benjamin to an Uncle and Aunt.  He has recently met his family, and they came to visit a couple of times and they met him in court.  The order was that the family visit a few times and then he could go for an overnight visit Sat-Sun.  So today his 17 yr. old cousin came to pick him up and take him for a sleep over.  He was happy and excited for the adventure.  He is so quiet, but he smiled and went without protest.
The family is not evangelical, I asked them to make sure he continued to learn about God as he has  learned here.  The young man assured me that they would.  They made a room for him and seem proud that he was going to be a part of his family.  Ramon said, when Benjamin was born and given up he was only 11 and did not know of his birth.  The family was surprised when they were called into court.  The uncle has 6 children and one more on the way.  They do seem to care.
January is the date of the transfer so we pray all will be well for Benjamin and his new life.

He'll be back tomorrow at 2:00 pm.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Won't You Sponsor Me?

We have two little ones, who celebrated their birthdays tonight. The do not have sponsors.
They are new to Eagle's Nest.

Angel is special needs and was very malnourished. His rotten teeth and big smile was priceless.
He seemed to know that he was the center of the party.

Little "Elenita"also with us because of malnourishment is becoming more lively each day. She was special tonight too.

Please consider being a sponsor to one of these little needy ones.  find their picture and click the donate button.  $33 a month
Thank you in advance.

Angel is 2 yrs old. 

Maria Elena "Elenita"  2 yrs old.